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Here’s the deal: society is flooded with information. So much information, in fact, that people often feel that they’re less informed. There you are, trying to learn something new and you get: opinion vs fact, conflicting opinions, and the “check ‘em all” syndrome (FYI-this is where you feel like you must check all sources to have the right answer). We spend hours reading/searching/Googling and in the end we usually end up feeling lost regardless. Given that this is what we’re working with, how do we know what is best to do for our health and wellness? How do we make the right decisions each day to do the best for our body and mind when we have so much information to sift through? Well, luckily for you, Health Coaches exist!

Tell me more…

My approach as a Health Coach is to provide curated information that you need to know right now. Small, incremental steps and small, incremental portions of knowledge is where true habit change lives. I often say that people who need the most change, must approach that change the slowest. The key to successful habit change is to keep overwhelm at bay and that is what my system does for you.

Okay, so what’s your job like?

As a Health Coach I create a “Journey to Health Road Map” customized to you and your needs. I meet you where you are, without judgement and without criticisms. In each session we look at challenges you’re experiencing, and we practice looking at them with curiosity instead of negativity.

Here are some questions I may ask you:

  • What is holding you back?
  • What would happen if you didn’t have this challenge?
  • How would your ideal outcome look and feel?
  • When you feel [X feeling], what is your body/mind trying to tell you?

Then I give you only the information you need to hear, and the actions you need to take to make progress. My intention is to make your journey easy, and I ask that you let it be so.

Secondly, I give support when and where you need to be supported. Even the smallest of changes can be uncomfortable. Growing pains are common when we invite change and that is why, should we choose to, we can look at this discomfort as a good sign; a sign that we’re on the right track to growing into our higher-self. But, I understand that viewpoint isn’t always realistic. I’m here for those moments when you feel stuck. Tell me what part of the process sucks for you and we’ll work through it together.

Lastly, I’m here to give you the accountability you need to stay motivated. Accountability is a crucial part of successful habit change. Without it, it’s easy for us to say, “tomorrow I’ll start” or “no one will know I didn’t follow through.” The point of accountability partners is not to create fear of judgement, but rather to create the anticipation of sharing success. You and I are making big things happen. We’re creating your dream, your path. You’re putting in the work and you deserve to be celebrated at triumph, big or small.

TL;DR: Society is full of information overload. Health Coaches can be super valuable to your health and wellness journey by cutting out all the nonsense and telling you just want you need. HCs provide systems, support, and accountability that prove to be invaluable to clients all over the world. If you’re ready to make or break your journey, it’s time to look closer at what’s worked in the past, what hasn’t worked, and what you need to change to make it work.

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