Meet Erin

I’m A Cyster For Life.

You’ve got PCOS questions and I’ve got answers, cyster! I’ve been living this PCOS life for nearly a decade. I’m the girl you need when you’re ready for science that will blow your mind, when you’re an emotional wreck and need reassurance, when you need a strategy session on how to get real work done, or when you need a good kick in the ass on a day when you don’t feel like doing any of it!

My PCOS Journey

At the age of 11 I was put on hormonal birth control to “regulate” my periods. I stayed on those little pills until I was 23. Though birth control is often touted at the cure-all for PCOS, my symptoms still peeked through at the age of 18. Sure, I was gaining weight, but doesn’t everyone after high school? Sure, I was exhausted, but working full-time plus college does that to everyone right? The one symptom that I couldn’t talk away was the thick, dark hair growing out of my face.

Fast forward through a dozen different primary physicians and gynos, too many blood labs to count, one endocrinologist, three rounds of spironolactone, countless plucking, one MRI, and five years… and I still had zero answers for this ONE symptom. Talk about a confidence killer.

I had just about given up. I was tired of spending the money and researching doctors. I couldn’t ask for any more time off work, and I was officially the office weirdo who had “something going on”. I was done.

While sitting in traffic after work one day, I finally had an epiphany– it’s the birth control. Well, I wasn’t right, but I wasn’t wrong either. It was hormonal and without ditching the birth control, I wasn’t going to be able to actually tell what was going on in my body. So, I researched and found Dr. Lara Briden’s book. I made it 1/4 of the way through it and decided to quit my hormonal birth control that same day. I’ve never looked back.

Over the next 6-months I read every book I could get my hands on and learned a ridiculous amount about PCOS. I totally overwhelmed myself, but my next move was clear. If doctors couldn’t help women heal their PCOS bodies the RIGHT WAY, then I’d have to find a way to do it.

Now I’m here. I’m the CEO of my own company, a PCOS expert, and a Transformational Health + Life Coach helping women all over the world reverse their PCOS symptoms and take back their cycles.